Choosing Colours For A Business Environment And The Benefits Of Repainting

When selecting wall paint colours for offices, it's different than for a residential environment. In a home, you want to create a space in which to unwind and socialise, but an office has other priorities. Read on for some tips on choosing wall colours and to see ways that repainting can benefit your business. 

Don't Forget About Branding

Don't forget about the brand colours of your business when selecting paints; ensure that they factor somewhere within the design. While some hues may not be pleasant across all four walls in a room, they might be ideal for accent walls. If your business colours are red and tan, for instance, use the blue across one surface of a meeting room. Such contrasts are perfect for adding interest and variation to an office, preventing a bland, drab effect. 

Make Colour Choices

The appropriate colours for a company depend on its function. While many restaurants, for instance, might feature cozy red walls, in an office where workers spend hours, such a hue would become overpowering and distracting. Cool light tones, like blue and green, provide a sense of calm. Pale and cool colours tend to distance walls visually, also, which prevents a small office from feeling cramped. Conversely, dark, warm tones, such as deep-red, make a room feel smaller, which is why this hue is so prevalent in bars and restaurants. In a conferance room, though, a degree of a stimulating shade, such as orange or red, for instance, can improve conversation flow.

Create Different Zones

For variety throughout the offices, why not use different colours to zone off diverse regions? The kitchen area, for example, could sport a vibrant accent wall for a cozier atmosphere that encourages chatting and socialising. In this way, you can incorporate bolder colours that may be too much for other areas. For coherence, maintain one or several neutral tones throughout the entire office. 

The Benefits Of Repainting For Your Business

Repainting your business environment will bring a range of benefits. A more attractive office creates better working conditions for employees and can improve morale. Staff retention, productivity and job satisfaction can all rise if workers are in an environment in which they feel proud. You will give a better impression to visiting clients also, with a clean, streamlined, professional space. Offices with drab, peeling paint can convey the idea that the company is not doing well or that it doesn't care about its staff. A facelift in the form of newly painted walls by a commercial painting firm is a simple way to transform the ambience of offices, even without altering equipment, desks or the like.

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