2 Important Steps To Adding Subtle Yet Beautiful Paint Colour To Your Bedroom

Having the interior of your home repainted is a fast but highly effective way to update the look and style of your rooms. In the bedroom, it's also an opportunity to create a calm, soothing and soft space that's ideal for rest and relaxation. To maintain the warm and light ambiance, many people choose to stick to paint that is white or cream. While this is a lovely colour scheme, it may not suit you if you prefer something with a bit more colour and character.

Green With Envy: 3 Beautiful Shades of Green That Might Be Perfect For Your Bathroom

In recent years, bathroom paint trends have been dominated by earthy, dusty neutrals and glossy metallics. However, 2017 has seen a new trend arise with green becoming a sought after colour choice for modern bathroom designers. If you're looking for a stunning and naturally beautiful new look for your bathroom, then one of these three glorious shades of green may be the perfect choice as a paint colour. 1. Modern yet classic green-blues

Tips to Coordinating the Colour Options for Your Home

A crucial aspect of residential decorating is painting both the interior and exterior of your home. Generally, exterior paint is not exclusively aesthetic. It also functions to protect your structure from premature wear and tear due to exposure to the elements. Interior painting, on the other hand, is more for adding visual interest and boosting the attractiveness of your home. As such, more thought and consideration needs to be put into the colour palettes that you choose.