How to choose the perfect painter

No matter how good your design or the quality of your materials, the end result of a painting job will depend on how well it was done. If you are looking to get a professional to do your decorating, you will need to hire the right person for the job.

Check their license 

In some states, a painter will need to be licensed or registered in order to work, and will have received training to make sure they reach industry requirements. Using a licensed painter ensures that the job will be carried out to a high standard and that your rights are protected if the job is unsatisfactory. If you live in a state that does not have such a licensing system, you should check that the painter is trade qualified. This is a first step in ensuring that your tradesperson is the right one for you.

Ask your friends

Your friends and family can be a valuable source of recommendations. If they have recently hired a painter, then as well as telling you how things went, they can show you the results. If they were happy with the painter's work and you like the look of it, it is probably worth getting in touch.

Check their reviews

Nowadays there are numerous online sites where people can leave feedback on tradespeople or services, and they can be a valuable source of information. Bear in mind though that not everything online can be trusted--some people seem to make a hobby of complaining, and anonymous complaints can be particularly untrustworthy. Nonetheless, detailed reviews can provide insights into the quality of a painter's work.

Check their references

Any reputable painter will be happy to provide testimonials from previous clients, some of whom you will be able to contact to find out about their work. You will then be able to ask questions such as how long the job took, how well it was done and how easy the painter was to work with.

Trust your instincts

Ultimately, you will need to trust your painter and get along with them. If something doesn't feel right when you meet them, it might be best to find someone else before things go wrong.

There are many professionals who can decorate your home to the highest standards. Take some time to choose the right one, and you will enjoy the results of their labour for many years.