Painting It Right

Whether you own a string of commercial properties or just want to give the property you currently a clean new look, a fresh coat of paint always works wonders.

Why hire a pro?

Sure, you could work tirelessly away washing and prepping those walls, only to splatter your hair with paint and earn a painful crick in your neck, or you could hire someone who really knows what they're doing. Here are just a few of the things a commercial painter has to offer:

They'll only paint the walls

There's nothing worse than working yourself silly, teetering precariously on ladders and gazing squint-eyed at the ceiling, only to find you've dropped paint all over your furniture, fixtures or precious carpets. Commercial painters are professionals for a reason, and they'll arrive equipped with the gear they need to safeguard your commercial property. No matter the job, you can be sure they've seen and done it before and they know what to do to get it right.

They know their products

Should you choose matte or gloss paint for the doors? Will the sea spray affect the finish on the exterior? And why is one type of paint so much cheaper than the others? Your professional painter knows the industry, and they can advise you on the best products for your building's design and geographical location, and, because they work with paint every day, they can often offer you great deals on the paint they use.

They understand design

Sure, phone-book-yellow walls against teal skirting boards might sound great in theory, but if you want a paint job that stands the test of time, talk to someone who knows what looks are destined to last.

Choosing the perfect commercial painter

Once you've decided to go with a pro for your commercial repainting project, narrowing your choice is as easy as shortlisting a few candidates and asking them three questions:

  1. Timing: Can they work around your commercial hours of operation, and how soon can they get the job finished?

  2. Warranties: How long is their handiwork guaranteed to last?

  3. References: Has the painter won any industry awards, or can they put you in touch with a happy customer?

Nothing breathes fresh life into a property like a new paint job, and no one does it better than a commercial painter. So go on, save yourself a neck ache and get the job done right.