Some Clever DIY Painting Tips

The reason that professional painters can get a beautiful finish to their work comes from years of experience. Little techniques or ideas are tried out as they paint and some are developed into great tips. If you have some painting to do but have little or no DIY painting experience, consider these tips to help give your painting skills an instant boost.

Remove The Light Switches

You may have seen other DIY family members or friends painting around their sockets and outlets in a bid to save some time and effort. Even if you are impatient, don't be tempted to start painting this way. You will achieve a much better and professional looking finish around the switches if you spend just a few minutes removing them from the wall before you begin to paint.

Paint From The Top Down

The reason that professional painters can get a clean and non-drip finished look is because they start painting from the top of the wall downwards. This means that any drips or discrepancies can be rectified as the painter works down the wall. Working upwards means that you cannot go back over and smooth out any drips; the two coats of paint will dry to slightly different shades of the same color, which is visible. Always begin at the top of a wall and paint downwards.

Get An Even Color

Professional painters will take all of the tins of paint they intend to use and empty them all into one big container. After mixing thoroughly with a wooden baton, the shade of the paint will be exactly the same for the whole batch. Even though you may buy two tins of paint that are labeled to be exactly the same color, slight (and noticeable) differences can be seen when the paint has dried on the wall. Use a container to pre-mix your paint to avoid distortions in the shade of the paint.

Always Use A Primer

Many novice DIY painters make the mistake of not applying primer before the paint itself. Although many paint and primer variations are available, stick with buying a separate paint and separate primer. The primer will prepare the wall for the paint, removing any blemishes or areas where the paint would normally be hard to apply. Don't be tempted to paint a wall without first using primer. This way, you will get an even and professional looking end result.

Even after a couple of DIY painting jobs, it is easy to pick up a trick or tip to help you get a better looking finish. If you'd rather leave the job to the professionals though, contact a local company like Allure Painting Services.