Choosing Paint Colours For Your Living Room

Your living room may well be the only room in your home most guests see, so it's often the first room people think of repainting. You'll want your living room to be warm and welcoming, but also a place where you and your family can relax after a busy day.

The colours you choose for your living room walls can transform the atmosphere of the room and highlight existing pieces of furniture. When changing the colour of your walls, consider opting for a colour that's already present in your soft furnishings if you want to avoid the expense of buying new curtains, cushions and sofas.

If you don't want brightly coloured paint on every wall, or if your living room is on the small side, consider a neutral colour for three of your walls and a bright colour for one wall. Creating a feature wall will open up the room, but what colour should you choose? Here's an overview of popular living room paint colours for you to consider:

Popular Paint Colours

Red - The colour red is associated with love, passion, intensity, and warmth. As it's such a strong colour, red is best suited to feature walls. Reds complement yellows, greens and blues.

Green - The colour green is soothing and calming. It's associated with renewal, growth, harmony, and fertility. Lighter shades of green can create a sense of space in your living room. Greens complement yellows, greys and purples.

Blue - Blue signifies serenity, cleanliness, strength, and spirituality. Dark shades of blue can look cold, so opt for lighter shades and combine blue with warmer colours of soft furnishings scattered around the room. Blues complement greys, purples and reds.

Purple - Purple is associated with vitality, royalty, ambition, peace, and luxury. It has the intensity of the colour red, but the serenity of blue at the same time. Different shades of purple paint can be used around your living room to create a warm, welcoming room that conveys a sense of comfort without opulence. Purples complement oranges, browns and blues.

Orange - The colour orange is a combination of red and yellow, so it's bold, vibrant and warm, but it can also give the impression of flamboyance if overused. Darker shades of orange work well on feature walls if the room has furniture that's bold or rich in colour such as dark mahogany. Lighter shades of orange work well with cream furnishings. Oranges complement browns, yellows, greys, and purples.

When deciding on the paint colour for your living room, consider how a particular colour makes you feel and what it reminds you of such as a favourite food, a childhood memory or bad experience. You'll be spending a lot of time surrounded by your chosen colour scheme, so pick a colour that has a positive impact on you. Before making your final decision, get the opinion of an experienced painter like COLOUR CRAFT QLD PTY LTD who can guide you toward the most complementary shades of your chosen colour.