Green With Envy: 3 Beautiful Shades of Green That Might Be Perfect For Your Bathroom

In recent years, bathroom paint trends have been dominated by earthy, dusty neutrals and glossy metallics. However, 2017 has seen a new trend arise with green becoming a sought after colour choice for modern bathroom designers. If you're looking for a stunning and naturally beautiful new look for your bathroom, then one of these three glorious shades of green may be the perfect choice as a paint colour.

1. Modern yet classic green-blues

Greens with a hint of blue provide a stunning beachside feel to your bathroom. This is a vibrant yet calming colour, and you can opt for a bold shade if you want to make an impact or a more subdued version if you'd prefer a softer look.

Blue-green paint looks particularly striking when combined with orange-based accents. These can be in the form of timber features with a rich amber finish or the beauty of burnished copper fixtures on your sink, bath and shower.

2. Dark forest greens

This strong colour choice provides a rich and regal feel to your bathroom. If you don't mind a bathroom that's unashamedly intense, then this shade of green may be the perfect choice. If you're concerned that it may make your bathroom feel dark, opt for a paint that has a high gloss finish to help reflect light.

Forest greens provide an amazing background for timbers with dark stains and stone products with darker hues such as slate. It's also a colour that couples perfectly with vintage florals, which can be incorporated by adding ornate tiles or fabrics.

3. Pale leaf greens

This is a wonderful paint choice if you love green but you're not a fan of strong colours. This paint colour has the versatility of looking equally stunning in both a modern, minimalist bathroom or a rustic, country-style bathroom.

Pale leaf green marries beautifully with natural materials such as stone and timber. It also looks great paired with white, so it's a great way to revamp your bathroom's look without replacing any of your standard white bathroom fittings.

To ensure that your bathroom looks immaculate with its new green look, make sure that you contact your local painting contractor to complete the work. They can ensure that your bathroom's paint finish looks professional, and they can also help you to select a paint type that will withstand the moisture levels that it will be exposed to in your bathroom.