Why Painting the House Is Best Left to a Professional

Painting the exterior of your home may seem like a time-consuming, but still very manageable task. As a homeowner, you might reason that it simply involves a good power washing and then a few days on a ladder to get it done. Before you assume that you can paint your own home's exterior and any other parts of your property, note a few very important reasons why this job is best left to a professional.

1. Different surfaces can require different paints

Your home's surface is not just aluminum siding, and each type of surface that needs to be painted will require a different type of paint. For example, what about touching up aluminum gutters, or a metal fence connected to your side yard? Each of these types of materials will require a different type of paint. A professional painter may also be able to use a certain type of paint on brick, making an old chimney look fresh and new. Rather than trying to educate yourself on the various types of paints that are needed for each type of surface, you can hire a professional with all the know-how needed to ensure all surfaces on your property look their best.

2. It's more expensive than you think to paint your own home

One reason that many homeowners try to paint their own home is that they think it will be less expensive than hiring a pro. However, in addition to the paint, you will also need to buy brushes, rollers, drop cloths, buckets, painter's tape, and other accessories to get the job done. A professional painter will already own many of these materials so they don't need to be purchased new for the job. In turn, the price they charge you may not be as steep as you think, when compared to the cost of buying all these materials yourself.

3. Pros have insurance and a guarantee

You may not think that painting your house could cause damage, but resting your ladder against a loose window frame or gutter can mean pulling these away from your house. You might also damage power lines and cables that run to your home. The wrong paint or a poor application can also mean seeing it peel away right after the work is done. Professional painters have insurance against damage and typically provide a guarantee, so they will fix any problems you have with the paint job that you would otherwise need to pay for yourself.

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